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What is a PIC?
PIC is a Political Involvement Contact. PIC's resources are its politically-active agents and advisors who regulary meet
with their members of the State Senate, State Assembly and Congress to discuss issues of importance to the
insurance and financial services industry.


Why PIC?
There is simply no substitution for informed CIBGNY members who can provide their legislators with real life examples
of how a bill will affect their clients.

With thousands of trade associations and other interest groups lobbying the State legislators and Congress every day, it is
imperative that our voices are heard lownd and clear about the din. In this way, our legislators get the right message
delivered by the right people. If we fail to talk about the issues that affect our very livelihoods, than others will step in. And,
you can be sure that others will not carry the message that you would like delivered. Like the old adage says, "If you want
something done right, you've got to do it yourself."


Communicating with your members of the State Senate, State Assembly and Congress
That's what the Political Involvement Contact (PIC) is all about. PIC members serve as contacts for their senators and/or
representatives. Many are close, trusted advisors, finance chairs and personal agents of members of the State Senate,
State Assembly and Congress.

As part of PIC's grassroots lobbying program, you will join with other insurance and financial advisors who understand
the importance of political involvement and communicating with elected officials. You don't have to be "into" politics.
It's a matter of insurance  insuring that your legislators understand the importance of your business.

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